Limited Edition 3 packs were mail order only one at a time from Jump Magazine and are VERY hard to find. The 3 packs make a Complete Set of the cards below.
3 packs - $75.00

L (01, 02, L3) = Yugi Pack

Summun Demon
Summuned Skull
Type: Fiend-Monster
Dark Demon Level 6
ATK: 2500 DEF: 1200
A fiend with dark powers for confusingg the enemy. Amounthe Fiend-Type monsters, this monstere boasts considerable force.
Ultra Rare

Spirit Mirror
Type: Normal Trap
Effect: Change the target of the effect of a Magic card that targets 1 player to another player.
Ultra Rare
Demon Rain
Type: Magic Card
Effect: Choose 1 of your [Demon Summon] or Electric Sub-Type Monsters on the Field. Destroy all of your opponent's Monsters on the Field with a defense strength equal or less than the chosen Monster's attack strength. You do not get a Battle Phase during a turn in which you play this card.
Ultra Rare

L(04, 05, 06)= Jounouchi Pack


Panther Warrior
Type: Effect Monster
Earth Animal Level 4
ATK: 2000 DEF: 1600
Effect: You must sacrifice 1 Monster in order for this Monster to
Ultra Rare

Mimic Illusionist
Type: Effect Monster
Light Magic User 1
ATK: 0 DEF: 0
Effect: When this monster is Summoned, Reverse Summoned, or Special Summoned, this monster's attack and defense strengths
become the base ones of 1 of your opponent's monsters.
Ultra Rare
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Scape Goat
Type: Instant Magic
Effect: When you play this card, you can't Summon, Reverse Summon or Special Summon any more monsters during that turn. Put 4 [Goat
Tokens] Earth Animal on the Field in defense mode. (They cannot be sacrificed to summon.)
Ultra Rare

L(07,08, 09) Kaiba Pack

Lamp Spirit- Ra Djinn
Type: Normal Monster
Dark Demon Level 4
ATK: 1800 DEF: 1000

Magic Lamp
Type: Effect Monster
Air/Magic User/3/900/1400
Effect: If this Monster is attacked by an opponent while in face-
down defense mode, you may redirect that attack strength to 1 of
your opponent's Monsters. While this card is on the Field, you
may Special Summon any [Lamp Spirit - Ra Djinn].
Ultra Rar0e

Curse of Darkness
Type: Permanent Trap
Effect: Target a Monster. Reduce its attack strength by 700, and it can't change its mode, nor attack. If the targeted Monster
leaves play, destroy this card.
Ultra Rare

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